Surprising Benefits of Silk Bedding

Sleeping on silk, which feels amazing, has a few extra benefits that you may not have considered.

Silk is gentle and beneficial to hair and skin. It minimises frizz from static electricity, tames tangles and enables hair and skin to retain moisture far better than absorbent fabrics like cotton.

Skin wrinkles, which can be exacerbated by friction during the night, are also prevented.

100% natural silk, crafted without chemical processing, remain rich in natural amino acids which contain anti-ageing properties.

Silk is a breathable fabric, it enables good body temperature regulation keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer and snug and warm in colder temperatures.

Silk is naturally hypo-allergenic, preventing and reducing allergies and irritation even for delicate skin.

Silk is easy to care for, it is machine washable, lightweight, dries rapidly and folds into a minimal space for storage.

Lastly, it is the ultimate luxury to surround yourself with smooth soft silk at night for a relaxing and peaceful sleep.

Try our Nightie Night 100% Silk Sleep Cocoons today and let us know what you think!